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Once Upon a Mattress Script: A Comprehensive Guide for Performers and Producers

If you’re a fan of fairy tales with a humorous twist, you’ll love “Once Upon a Mattress.” This musical comedy takes the classic story of “The Princess and the Pea” and adds a fun, modern spin. With characters like Princess Winnifred and Queen Aggravain, the play is both entertaining and captivating.

The script of Once Upon a Mattress perfectly captures the wit and charm of the history. It’s known for its clever dialogue and memorable musical numbers. Exploring the script provides insight into the writers’ creativity and imagination.

For those interested in theater, examining the script of “Once Upon a Mattress” is a valuable experience. It shows how a beloved tale can be transformed into a lively stage production and offers lessons in writing, character development, and stage direction.

Key Takeaways

  • The script captures the wit and charm of the play.
  • The story offers a modern twist on a classic fairy tale.
  • Examining the script provides insights into theater production.

Play Synopsis

Once Upon a Mattress Play Script
Once Upon a Mattress Play Script

“Once Upon a Mattress” is a musical comedy set in a kingdom ruled by a silent king and a domineering queen. The play follows the quest to find a suitable bride for the prince and has many humorous twists and turns.

Characters and Setting

The story takes place in a far-off kingdom ruled by King Sextimus, who, due to an unhappy curse, is unable to speak. His wife, Queen Aggravain, controls the kingdom with a stern hand. Their son, Prince Dauntless, is seeking a bride, but the Queen has set up impossible tests to keep him single.

Other key characters include Princess Winnifred the Woebegone, a spirited and unconventional princess from the swamp, and Sir Harry and Lady Larken, who are secretly in love and desperate to wed. The setting is a vibrant and whimsical kingdom filled with medieval elements and fantastical themes.

Plot Overview

The Queen has decreed that any potential bride for her son must pass a test to prove she’s an actual princess. Despite numerous hopeful attempts, they only succeed once Princess Winnifred arrives. She surprises everyone with her candid nature and determination.

Winnifred must sleep on a bed stacked high with mattresses, with a pea hidden at the bottom. The test is to determine her sensitivity, as only an actual princess would feel the pea. Throughout the night, Winnifred struggles but finally gives up on sleeping.

In the morning, Queen Aggravain triumphantly claims Winnifred has failed. Still, it’s revealed that Winnifred did indeed feel the pea, proving her loyalty. Prince Dauntless stands up to his mother, finally breaking the curse on King Sextimus, leading to a happy and lively conclusion.

Historical Context

Once Upon a Mattress Play Script
Once Upon a Mattress Play Script

“Once Upon a Mattress” began as a small one-act play. Its surprising success grew until it reached Broadway and beyond, earning it adaptations and revivals over the years.

Original Production

The play initially premiered at the Tamiment adult summer resort in 1958 as a one-act piece based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea.” Due to its popularity, it was developed into a full-length musical.

The off-Broadway premiere took place in 1959 and was followed by a move to Broadway. In this production, Carol Burnett starred as Princess Winnifred, which helped the show gain attention. Despite mixed reviews, it ran for over a year and was nominated for a Tony Award.

Subsequent Adaptations

Since its original Broadway run, “Once Upon a Mattress” has seen numerous revivals and adaptations, including high school and community theater productions, television adaptations, and several Broadway revivals.

In 1964, a television version starring Carol Burnett was released, followed by another made-for-TV adaptation in 2005, featuring Tracey Ullman in the lead role. These adaptations have kept the musical in the public eye, ensuring its continued popularity in the theater community.

Musical Numbers

“Once Upon a Mattress” has a variety of musical numbers that bring the story to life. The songs in Act One and Act Two offer both comedic and heartfelt moments, inviting the audience into an engaging musical journey.

Act One Songs

Act One features some of the most memorable songs in the musical. It begins with “Many Moons Ago,” where you learn about the kingdom’s history through a charming melody.

“An Opening for a Princess” presents the dilemma of finding a suitable princess for Prince Dauntless. The song “Shy” introduces Princess Winnifred, showcasing her bold and untraditional personality.

The number “In a Little While” is a duet between Sir Harry and Lady Larken, expressing their hope and love. With “Sensitivity,” Queen Aggravain reveals her cunning plan to test the new princess.

Other notable songs include “The Swamps of Home” and “Normandy,” which add depth and humor to the story.

Act Two Songs

Act Two continues with powerful and engaging musical numbers. “Happily Ever After” reflects Princess Winnifred’s determination. It’s a crucial moment that highlights her resilience.

“Man to Man Talk” offers a humorous exchange between King Sextimus and Prince Dauntless, even though the king cannot speak. This clever number uses pantomime and sound effects.

“Walk With Me” is a romantic duet that deepens the relationship between Sir Harry and Lady Larken. The playful song “Song of Love” brings light-hearted fun to the stage and celebrates the unique connection between characters.

The finale, “Finale Ultimo,” wraps up the musical with a rousing conclusion that underscores the main themes and brings the story to a satisfying close.

Creative Team

Once Upon a Mattress Play Script
Once Upon a Mattress Play Script

“Once Upon a Mattress” features a stellar creative team behind its success. The composer and lyricist created memorable music and lyrics. At the same time, the book writer brought a fresh take on the darling fairy tale.

Composer and Lyricist

Mary Rodgers composed the music for Once Upon a Mattress. An accomplished musician, Rodgers followed in the footsteps of her father, Richard Rodgers, who was famous for his work in musical theater. Her compositions for this play are lively and engaging, adding a unique charm to the story.

Marshall Barer penned the witty lyrics. Barer’s clever wordplay and ability to capture character emotions through song are evident in every number. Together, Rodgers and Barer crafted a score that remains beloved.

Book Writer

Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer wrote the book Once Mattress. This talented trio reimagined the classic fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” with humor and heart. Their writing gave the characters depth and ensured the plot was both entertaining and meaningful.

Thompson, Fuller, and Barer worked seamlessly to integrate the story with the musical elements. Their collaboration resulted in a script that balances comedy, romance, and fantasy. Their work has made “Once Upon a Mattress” a favorite in musical theater.

Production Guide

When producing “Once Upon a Mattress,” it’s essential to focus on staging requirements and costume and set design. These aspects ensure an engaging and successful performance.

Staging Requirements

For “Once Upon a Mattress,you’ll need a versatile stage setup. The play moves through various locations within the kingdom, so flexible staging helps to keep scene changes smooth.

Use modular set pieces that can be rearranged quickly.

Ensure that critical props, like the mattress pile, are stable and safe for performers. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Modular set pieces
  • Stable props (e.g., mattress)
  • Strong lighting
  • Efficient scene changes

Lighting is crucial. Use spotlights to direct attention and mood lighting to enhance different scenes. Depending on the venue size, microphones may be needed to ensure that dialogue and songs are clear.

Costume and Set Design

Costumes for “Once Upon a Mattress should reflect a whimsical, medieval setting. Focus on colorful and elaborate designs to capture the fairy-tale essence.

Key costume elements:

  • Royal attire for the King and Queen
  • Knight and squire outfits
  • Peasant clothing for supporting characters

The design should also evoke the medieval era. Use backdrops depicting castles and forests. Ensure the color palette complements the costumes.

Here are a few tips for the set:

  • Backdrop scenes: Castles, forests
  • Colorful designs to match costumes
  • Realistic props to enhance authenticity

By paying attention to these details, you’ll create an immersive and visually appealing production.

Frequently Asked Questions about Once Upon a Mattress Play Script

Once Upon a Mattress Play Script
Once Upon a Mattress Play Script

Get answers to the most common questions about the “Once Upon a Mattress play script, including where to find it, themes, and suitability for children.

Where can I find a printable version of the ‘Once Upon a Mattress play script?

You can find a printable version of the “Once Upon a Mattress play script at StageAgent and other theatrical script resources.

Is there a free downloadable PDF of the ‘Once Upon a Mattress play script available online?

A free downloadable PDF of the “Once Upon a Mattress play script is not typically available due to copyright restrictions. However, there are audition scripts available for specific roles on websites like ArtsOglethorpe.

Can I access the ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ Youth Edition script in PDF format for free?

The “Once Upon a Mattress Youth Edition script is usually not available for free. You may need to purchase it through authorized sellers like Concord Theatricals.

What are the main themes and messages conveyed in ‘Once Upon a Mattress’?

The play explores themes of love, individuality, and overcoming obstacles. It tells the story of a princess who must prove her worth through a series of comical tests set by the Queen.

Is the content of ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ suitable for children to watch or participate in?

Yes, “Once Upon a Mattress is generally considered suitable for children. It features humor and themes appropriate for a family audience, making it a popular choice for school and community theater productions.

Which famous actress began her career with a role in ‘Once Upon a Mattress’?

Sarah Jessica Parker began her career with a major role in Once Upon a Mattress. In 1995, she starred as Winnifred in the Broadway revival.

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