Property Brothers Mattress: the best way to change sleep

Property Brothers Mattress Guide: Choosing Comfort with the Scotts

The Property Brothers, produce, and Jonathan Scott have taken the home renovation world by storm with their hit TV shows. Their influence doesn’t stop at transforming dated houses into dream homes; they’ve extended their brand into home furnishings, including mattresses. The Scott brothers understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and its importance to overall health and well-being. They’ve put their expertise to work by offering a line of mattresses designed to provide comfort and support.

Their mattress collection, crafted with care and attention to detail, aims to deliver the luxury of a restorative sleep experience at an accessible price point. Each mattress in their line results from thorough research and incorporates materials and technologies to enhance sleep quality. The brothers have focused on various preferences and sleeping styles, ensuring a match for almost every sleeper.

By prioritizing elegance and ergonomics, the Property Brothers have sought to create a product that not only looks good but also feels good. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the eco-friendly materials used in their mattresses, aligning with the contemporary consumer’s desire for environmentally responsible choices in their purchasing decisions. With comfort, style, and sustainability in mind, the Property Brothers mattress collection may offer a sleeping solution that’s hard to resist.

Exploring the Property Brothers Mattress

Property Brothers Mattress
Property Brothers Mattress

The Property Brothers, Extract, and Jonathan Scott have a mattress line that combines comfort and designer aesthetics. Their mattresses reflect their expertise in home renovation and decoration.

Design Philosophy

The Property  mattress is crafted to merge style with sleep science. It emphasizes a luxury sleep experience that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal. The company’s design philosophy is centered around the idea that a mattress should not only provide restful sleep but also complement the bedroom’s decor.

Mattress Materials:

The materials used in the Property Brothers mattress are selected for durability, comfort, and support.

  • Top Layer: Breathable memory foam for more relaxed sleep
  • Support Layer: High-density foam for spinal alignment
  • Base Layer: Sturdy foundation offering long-term durability

Each layer is specifically designed to provide a balanced sleep experience.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Property Brothers Mattress
Property Brothers Mattress

When looking for a Property mattress, consumers should consider the size and comfort that fit their needs and the necessary support and firmness levels for a good night’s sleep.

Size and Comfort Guide

Twin: Typically measures 38″ x 75″. Ideal for children or single adults with limited space.

Full: It measures roughly 54″ x 75″ and is suitable for a single adult who needs more room than a twin offers.

Queen: A popular choice, measuring about 60″ x 80″. Offers comfortable space for couples.

King: Measures approximately 76″ x 80″. Spacious enough for couples who prefer extra room.

Comfort is subjective, so it’s recommended that individuals test mattresses when possible to determine their preference for softness and materials.

Support and Firmness Levels

Soft: Best for side sleepers or those who prefer a plush sleeping surface.

Medium: Offers a balance of support and comfort; suitable for various sleeping positions.

Firm: Provides excellent support for back sleepers and those with back pain.

It’s vital to match the firmness to one’s sleep style and physical requirements for optimal support.

Where to Buy

Property Brothers Mattress
Property Brothers Mattress

When purchasing a Property Brothers mattress, consumers have various options available through online stores and traditional retail locations. Each offers a unique shopping experience to cater to individual preferences.

Online Stores

Online retailers provide a convenient shopping platform for those interested in buying a Property  mattress. Customers can browse and purchase directly from:

  • Scott Living by Restonic: The official website offers the full range of mattresses.
  • Amazon: A wide selection that includes user reviews and competitive pricing.
  • Wayfair: Known for home goods, Wayfair stocks Property Brothers mattresses, often with free shipping.

Retail Locations

For shoppers preferring a physical store experience, Property Brothers mattresses can be found in several retail chains where they can test the comfort in person:

  • Macy’s: A traditional department store that typically features a selection of Property  mattresses.
  • Mattress Firm: Offers a variety of models and includes in-store expert advice.

Customer Service and Support

Property Brothers Mattress takes pride in providing comprehensive support to their customers, focusing on precise warranty details and a straightforward return policy.

Warranty Information

The Property Mattress has a 10-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and artistry. Customers need to retain the original purchase receipt to claim the warranty. Here are the specific terms:

  • Year 1-10: Full replacement or repair of the defective mattress.
  • Transportation Costs: Covered by the customer after the first year.

Return Policy

Property  Mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial to ensure customer satisfaction. The critical points of the return policy include:

  • Return Window: Valid for 100 nights from the date of delivery.
  • Refund: Full refund of the purchase price, excluding original shipping costs.
  • Condition: The mattress must be in a donatable condition without damage.
  • Return Process: Contact customer service to initiate the return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Brothers Mattress
Property Brothers Mattress

This section answers common inquiries about the Property Brothers mattress collection with specific details on features, reviews, deals, retailers, pricing, and available sizes.

What are the features of the Property Brothers mattress collection?

The Property mattress collection, or Scott Living mattresses, offers high-quality materials and advanced comfort technologies. It typically features individually wrapped coils, gel memory foam, and edge support systems for an enhanced sleep experience.

Where can I find reviews for the Scott Living mattress?

Reviews for the Scott Living mattress by Property Brothers can be found on various consumer websites, retailer platforms, and the official Scott Living website. They help potential buyers gauge the mattress’s quality and comfort based on others’ experiences.

Are there any special deals or sales for Property Brothers mattresses?

Sales and promotional offers for Brothers mattresses occur periodically, especially during major holidays and events. For current deals, customers can check online marketplaces, dedicated bedding stores, and the official website.

Which retailers carry the Property  mattress collection?

The Property  mattress collection is available at various retailers, including specialized bedding stores, furniture shops, and large retail chains. It can also be purchased through online e-commerce platforms.

How does the price of Property Brothers mattresses compare to competitors?

The price of Property  mattresses is competitive when compared to other luxury mattresses in the market. They’re priced to reflect the quality and technology invested in their design, offering good value for the cost.

What sizes are available in the Property Brothers mattress line?

Property Brothers mattresses come in various sizes to meet space and comfort needs. They are available in Twin, XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

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